our story


The Nightingale is a community gathering place that showcases from scratch food, creatively curated wine and thoughtful and straightforward cocktails. 

The inspiration for The Nightingale was born from the idea that culinary and hospitality excellence are lifelong pursuits and these endeavors should be pursued passionately and humbly.

The name The Nightingale was inspired by Aesop’s Fable, The Nightingale and The Sparrow. In this fable, a young nightingale was carefully listening to a shepherd play his flageolet as he made his way through a meadow. The nightingale followed the shepherd, listening intently, trying to learn from his skillful notes. A sparrow had been watching them for some time, and at last broke out, saying- “How provoked I am to see a bird so learned as you taking lessons as though you are a novice. For you are the originator of music and it is you who is the teacher!” “However that may be,” said the nightingale, “if the shepherd has learnt from me, I may now learn from him.”

It is this idea of humility in the pursuit of growth that serves as the foundation of everything we are as a team and as a restaurant group. Education in your craft is a lifelong pursuit and no matter how learned or experienced you may be, there is always something to learn from others along the way when you keep an open mind and a humble spirit. 

Welcome to The Nightingale.